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1 h 50 min

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Owning several aquariums, fish-loving Mumbai-based Guru makes a living stealing cars, getting them to his garage-owner friend, Ganpat Gajanan Jagirdar, and re-selling them through an associate, Sharafat. One day he steals a Mercedez and takes it to Ganpat. They inspect the car, find a bag containing Rs.1 Crore, decide to keep it and improve their lifestyles. Ganpat 'refurbishes' the vehicle, and Sharafat finds a buyer in Suleman, who quite unfortunately, recognizes it, and informs the owner, Fauzdaar - a ruthless gangster and money-lender. Guru is located, interrogated brutally, and agrees to return the cash which is still stashed in the garage. When he goes there - Ganpat, who had hidden the cash, has met with an accident, is gravely injured, and requires immediate hospitalization. While recuperating, the doctor finds that he has completely lost his memory. With rising fears of a meteor crashing in the city...


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Sankat City Is Available To Watch On Yupptv, MxPlayer, YouTube, Jio Cinema and Zee5.
Sankat City Is Not Available On Rent At The Moment.
Sankat City Cant Be Purchased At The Moment.