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Sachai Ki Taqat



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Drama, Action

Run Time

2 h 07 min

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In trying to gather evidence against smuggler Narendra, a journalist, Nandanda, is killed by a masked man, leaving his only son Sagar to take revenge for his death. Sagar is then falsely accused of killing a woman named Shalini, arrested by his brother, Constable Ram Singh, and put in jail. Sagar pleads innocence and Ram Singh leaves no stone unturned trying to prove Sagar's innocence, but when the case is tried in court, Sagar is sentenced to death. Ram Singh, however, is able to convince the judge of Sagar's innocence, and gets him released. Then Ram comes across the real perpetrator of the crime, arrests him, and finds himself embroiled in deception, and charged with the murder of the person he had just brought in. Trapped behind iron bars, how will Sagar avenge his father's death and prove his innocence?



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Sachai Ki Taqat Is Available To Watch On Jio Cinema and YouTube.
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