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Crime, Drama, Mystery

Run Time

2 h 04 min

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Anurag Singh


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We have an intelligent and rich bachelor, Remo, an aspiring entrepreneur. He has complete world with no women in it. Thanks to his mischievous friend Siddarth that he meets Siddarth's chat friend, and soon falls in love with her.They soon marry and their world is full of happiness, until Sunny comes in the picture, as the lover of Sophie, from her past. Along with him comes the dilemma of choosing love of Sunny over comfort given by her spouse Remo. A diabolical plan is hatched between Sunny and Sophie to kill Remo by natural means, by just threatening him by fake bullets, so that he dies in an asthmatic attack, so that no suspicion is raised. And Remo is killed by Sunny, not by asthma, but by the gun. The bullets were real, indeed. Are there any other meanings behind the scenes more dark than this?


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Raqeeb Is Available To Watch On Hotstar and YouTube.
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