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Mystery, Thriller

Run Time

2 h 05 min

Age Rating



Amol Shetge



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In a mountainous, hilly and forest region; Vishal Saxena and Natasha meet on one of the hills during a college hike only to spend considerable time with each other which eventually blossom into love. Natasha confide to Vishal that she would like to get married but Vishal asks for a time period of 6 months; they both agree on terms that they will not meet or get in contact with each other during this period but after the 6 months has passed they both will reunite at the hill they first meet. Eventually the 6 months passed by and Natasha goes to meet Vishal but even after a long wait he does not turn up prompting Natasha to pay him a visit but unfortunately she find his house occupy by a female named Nalini Sen; when question she gets informed that Nalini brought the house from Vishal 6 months ago. Natasha believes that one day Vishal will return and asks permission from Nalini to take up lodging at the house. Eventually Natasha gets to realize that she is at the mercy of Professor ...


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