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2 h 45 min

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Brahm Dutt (Dilip Kumar) is set up and framed for a murder for which he is jailed, because of his scheming son-in-law, Raghuvaran (Indrajeet Sabharwal). His Daughter Sonu (Swapna) is also killed at the hands of Raghuvaran, when Raghuvaran slaps and tries to molest Mohini (Madhuri Dixit), when she confronts him about his evil deeds. Brahm Dutt avenges the death of his daughter and the years spent in prison. Against this backdrop, Vijay (Govinda) is a man who works for the underworld after he is shot as a child. After finding love with Mohini, he changes his ways and joins up with Brahm Dutt to take revenge as he too has been wronged by the same group of villains.


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Izzatdaar is available to watch on Jio Cinema and Eros Mow.
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