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Do Dilon Ke Khel Mein



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Comedy, Drama, Romance

Run Time

2 h 03 min

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Akash Pandey



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Patiala-based, London-returned Rohit Singh decides to re-locate to Mumbai in order to avoid getting married to Lovely, the daughter of Ballu Singh. Assisted by his paternal uncle, and accompanying his cousin's friend, Isha, he travels there by car. The duo start squabbling resulting in an accident, and compelling them to hitch a ride on a lorry. They end up driving it, and eventually in police custody as it was carrying weapons. Inspector Babloo Bajrangi is convinced of their innocence, releases them, and they continue squabbling all the way to Borivali, Mumbai. Hoping to have got rid of each other - the duo will be in for a surprise when they find out they live in the same colony.


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