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Veerendranath Yandamoori


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The protagonist is a playboy, he falls in love with a girl named Kamala. Suddenly the protagonist disappears. She waited for him and stayed with their parents Ravi for a while Get married. She does not like to do kapuram with Ravi. She says she loves a man named Pravara. Ravi trying to combine them. Ravi came home saying that the car was damaged while he was going in the car. At the same time, a man named Bhimaraju came into the same house. Bhima kills the assassin and escapes from the police, comes and comes to Ravi's house. When asked why he committed suicide, he said that Mohan's boyfriend fell in love with his sister, cheated on her, and raped and killed her. Ravi's wife is a poisonous man named Pravara Knowing Yum Ravi, Ravi trying not to mix the two. But the proverb does not agree with that. Ravi is stressed.


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