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Drama, Romance

Run Time

2 h 02 min

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Subeer Kumar (Amitabh) is well on his way to becoming India's top pop singer. He has no intention of getting married, but when he goes to visit his Durga Mausi (Mausi=mother's sister), he falls in love with religious, simple Uma, by whose voice he's enchanted. He marries her and returns to Bombay where he announces that he will never sing without Uma again. However, Subeer encourages Uma to sing alone and when her popularity is soon greater than his own, the seed of jealousy begins to grow... The major difference between Uma and Subeer is that she sings for herself, whereas he sings for the public. It is the difference between geet and sangeet. This is the root of the thing that later causes problems, and based on which the movie is named.


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Abhimaan Is Available To Watch On Jio Cinema and Prime Video.
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